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Rusty Horning's Gallery

Beloved Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, and Friend

Thank you for coming to the gallery to celebrate Rusty’s life. We hope that this is a fun and interactive time for you to view photos and videos that span Rusty’s life. We hope they bring you smiles, maybe even laugh out loud, and that you take a few minutes to share some special moments that Rusty shared with each of you. 
She would have approved of us “organizing” this into primary galleries at the top of the page that Dale and Drew pulled from Rusty’s photo and video archives, and then a “shared gallery” for any and and all to view and add photos or videos of moments that you shared with Rusty. We hope you enjoy this experience and add memories for everyone else’s enjoyment and celebration. We are sure you all know how much Rusty enjoyed creating and sharing memories. 

Thank you all, with much love, Dale and Drew

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Growing Up
Family & Friends
Never Gone

Please share your favorite photos and videos of Rusty below!

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Celebrating the Life of Rosemarie "Rusty"Horning

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