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Rusty Horning's Memorial

Beloved Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, and Friend

Rosemarie Tiffany Horning passed away peacefully at her home, surrounded by her children and family, on January 29, 2021 in Camarillo, CA.  

Rusty, a nickname given for the color of her hair, was born on July 11, 1933 in Cleveland, Ohio.  She arrived at the tail end of the Great Depression, the youngest child by eighteen years of George and Isabella Tiffany of Euclid, Ohio.  And thus, Baron von Munchhauser, her prized German Shepard, became her confidante and companion, teaching her to be brave, strong-willed, and open-minded.  The stories she shared of their adventures were always vivid in detail and cinematic in scope; filled with lessons for the innocent and about living the honest life.

From childhood she battled through the difficulties of chronic Asthma. This affliction would create barriers for her, and as she developed ways to manage the asthma, she learned life lessons that she could power through, almost will, to better outcomes. She was involved in many church activities that gave her a strong faith and a moral compass. Her teens and twenties coincided with two world conflicts that found her serving as an active volunteer and supporter of Veteran’s groups, remaining so for life. While she loved, and yearned for knowledge, and a higher education, these advanced educational opportunities didn’t avail themselves until much later in her life. She leveraged her “will” and organizational skills to create a career assisting and guiding others in office environments.  

Her marriage in 1955 to Donald Horning resulted in two of her fondest achievements; the birth of her two sons Donald Jr. (known to friends and family as Drew) and Dale.  Rusty and Don designed and built their first home  in Kirtland, Ohio and then  headed west in 1968, to the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angeles, where Rosemarie’s family responsibilities expanded, as did her career supporting executives at Johnson and Johnson and lawyers at elite law offices in Beverly Hills. 

Rusty persevered through a difficult marriage for nearly 25 years and focused on her relationships with her children and her friends.  She easily became a mentor to colleagues and young adults who appreciated her wisdom and honesty. She found herself growing with an amazing collection of influences, and relationships, that circled the globe. Her interests redefined eclectic, with an enthusiastic interest in sports, politics, music, interior design, and butterflies most of all.  An avid learner with an open-mind and a gift for curious conversation, she enjoyed traveling, exotic food, good books, tracking her ancestry, cultural events and entertaining. 

When her grandchildren, Sarah, Andie and Sanam entered her orbit, she adored the role and enjoyed participating with their unfolding worlds.  In her way, she shared the values she learned growing up and became a foundation for each of their lives. With them, her schedule was never empty and when she loved, she loved with all her heart. 

Ultimately, Rosemarie was a great spirit, quick to laugh, fiery at times, but loving, always. Her memory will endure, and she lives on in each person she touched.  A human with a real sense of humanity, who will be sorely missed. Her legacy reaches broadly to an infinite circle of influence through her adoring family and friends. 

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Celebrating the Life of Rosemarie "Rusty"Horning

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